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„I'm a 26 years old Software Engineer“


1997 2002 2010 2013 2016

Secondary school
Základní škola
Rudolfovská 23
Grammar school
Gymnázium Jírovcova 8
Bachelor's degree
Computer Science
Charles University
Master's degree
Computer Science
(SW Engineering)
Charles University


I have many years of experience creating websites. I have successfully completed over 30 client projects including presentations, e-shops, accounting systems, company ex/intranets, office tools and more. I am profficient in HTML, CSS (RWD, bootstrap), JavaScript (jQuery, node.js, AngularJS, KnockoutJS), PHP & MySQL. I understand well the responsive design paradigm.

Apart from web oriented applications I have good (low-level) understanding of C++ and C# languages through many completed school courses/projects or work experience. I know my way around ASP.NET (Web API, MVC, IIS) and I worked a lot with things like RabbitMQ. I have worked with C++ parallel libraries such as Open MP, MPI or Intel TBB. I have built applications using C++ Qt and C# WinForms.

I am comfortable under both Windows and Unix environment (shell scripting). I use git on daily basis. I am familiar with working with all kinds of XML and JSON data.

I have experience in using team collaboration tools (YouTrack, JIRA) and continuous integration (setting up TeamCity administration). I have a lot of experience in dealing with clients, collecting requirements and analyzing them. I also have team leading experience through large school software project, where I am leading team of 5 for one year.

I enjoy speaking English. I have obtained the Cambridge first certificate (FCE, level B2). I also speak German passively and reluctantly.

I also have mathematical background (graph theory, probability & statistics...) but computer science knowledge prevail (algorithmization, complexity...).

My biggest accomplishment is a line production control system for Rohde & Schwarz, a company manufacturing test and measurement equipment for mobile radios and radiocommunications. The solution contains 3 main parts:

An application platform on which top are new apps built on. Contains employee and access rights administration.

Production line modelling, product life-cycle definition, monitoring and production planning.

Manufacturing manuals editor / viewer (the most complicated and complex part).

I was the only developer responsible for the whole solution. In the past 4 years ~200 000 products were built so far using this system. Due to its success, the solution was adopted in Germany and Singapore.

Major skills

» experienced, day-to-day usage
  • C# – Web API, MVC, Azure, Kentico
  • PHP – 10+ years experience
  • MySQL / SQL
  • HTML5, CSS – RWD, Bootstrap, Material Design
  • JavaScript / Typescript – jQuery, node.js, npm, AngularJS
  • Testing – Jasmine, NUnit, JUnit, pytest, Selenium
  • Server administration – shell scripting, CI (TeamCity)
  • Version Control – Git, Piper, Source Depot

Minor skills

» at least few projects completed
  • C++, Java, python
  • APIs – Swagger, Web API
  • Distributed computing – RabbitMQ
  • NoSQL – MongoDB

Worked with...

» encountered at school
  • Logic prog. – Prolog
  • Functional prog. – Haskell
  • Parallel computing – TBB, Open MPI...
  • Compilers – Bison, flex
  • R – statistical modeling
  • XML – xPath, Schema, XSLT, XQuery
  • JetBrains MPS


I love sports. I played football for 15 years but I am fond of many more if they are not basketball. What I really love though are board sports. I am on a quest to try all of them one day. So far I tried snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, snowkiting and longboarding. I am a complete kiting addict and my lifetime goal is to learn kitesurfing on real waves.

I like reading. I don't like heavy literature and I enjoy fantasy or sci-fi books. My favourite authors are Brandon Sanderson, Terry Pratchett and, of course, Douglas Adams.

I live with music. I nonstop listen to a wide range of genres starting from indie rock through electronica ending with house or techno. I am also an amateur gutarist beginner newbie. A while ago I volunteered for a few years in a row in helping of organizing a huge 6-day-long music/theatre/art festival in my hometown, which is the greatest student event in the world.